Meet Allison

Hi My name is

Allison Caracciolo-Gallagher

I am the owner of Allisonanne Studios. I created this site as a hub for resources for the teens and tweens of South Jersey. I love helping you find and see how awesome you are. I also have a special place in my heart for the teen and tween community and love to give back and inspire. It is so rewarding to change lives through my lens but since doing some motivational speaking I realized that I can do more to inspire than just with my camera. So we created this place that will include unique experiences to be the people we wish we had in those years. You are living your legacy and we want to be a part of the celebration!

meet hailee


Hi everyone I am Hailee and I run the back of the house at Allisonanne Studios! I am so happy to be here and call Allisonanne Studios my home! I look forward to learning and doing big things here! I love to help design our customized shoots and enjoy going over every detail to make sure we are serving our clients at the highest level. We dedicate ourselves to changing lives through the artwork we provide and the fun events only we create. I am excited to learn about everyone here and help in any way I can! This space is extra fun and unique so bring us your ideas because we want to celebrate you!


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